15 unusual uses for olive oil!



As you well may know, olive oil is a staple in the mediterranean diet; use it instead of butter and other fats.

I only cook with olive oil, except for deep frying (but i never deep fry, so!). Its uses are very versatile, not only contained to cooking:

1-Easy clean up for garden tools

2-Diaper rash treatment

3-Furniture polish

4-Hair tonic

5-Skin moisturizer

6-Free a stuck zipper

7-Sticker remover

8-Ear ache relief

9-Shoe polish

10-Smooth shave

11-Stainless steel shine

12-Eye make up remover

13-DIY lip balm

14-Lamp fuel

15-Nail and cuticle care

I have used it in about five of these uses. How about you?



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