5 tips to an easier life!


As you know i am a mom of 4, half of them grown ups now thank god, but I still remember clearly how it was dealing with 4 little monsters (let’s be real here, they are only angels when they’re asleep!).

They say (I don’t know who THEY are) women are very good at multitasking; well try multitasking your job, four kids, your husband and your house! Ever felt like hiding under your comforter and let everything and everyone manage on their own?

I have some tips for you don’t you worry! First and foremost, believe me you are not alone in having these feelings. We are women after all, and sometimes we just need a break!

After talking to many working moms here and in my home country, I came up with a few tricks that will help make your life easier:

1 -Always prepare your kid’s clothes the night before. Always. No matter how tired you are, you will be grateful for that the next day!

 2-All kids should be in bed by a certain time, no negotiations. Mama time (and her glass of wine) is sacred.

 3-Before going to bed, get a big basket (your laundry basket will do just fine), go around the house and pick up everything that isn’t in its place. You will be amazed how waking up to a neat house makes you feel.

 4-Now this is a bit tricky, not everyone is organized, much less me, but try preparing your menu at the beginning of the week; get all the groceries you need, and prepare meals according to it. Life with children is already out of control, you don’t want to lose it at dinner time!

 5-Ask for help. From your husband, you mother ,your sister, your friends…They are all there for you. When you feel like your home is looking and feeling more and more like a nut house, that’s the time to call for help!

No one expects us to be perfect, we are all juggling to keep our life in balance, so try these tips, and let’s see if they work for you.

Have a lovely and stress-free weekend, xo..



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