7 Healthy snacks!


I’m always wandering in the kitchen, opening my fridge and trying to see if i can find something healthy to snack on instead of the ice cream in the freezer, the chocolate box my husband got from Belgium , or the bag of chips we got when we had friends over!

Here are 7 ideas for snacks that i tried, i have some favorites, but i would go for any of these instead of junk food! And they are all under 100 calories!

-Apple slices and peanut butter. Great if you feel like munching on something. One apple is enough.

-Fruit and yogurt:fat free yogurt, berries or sliced peaches or any other fruit you like, and a sprinkle of granola. Yumminess!

-Air popped popcorn. Need i say more? (no butter and no salt).

-Bread and jam. The classic: whole grain slice of bread and some natural non sugar added jam.

-Wraps: a slice of turkey, ham, beef or chicken, add some spinach and mustard and it’s a wrap!

-Hummus dip. With sliced carrots, cucumbers or celery. Delicious.

-Dates, almonds and nuts. Always works for me!

What about you? What do you snack on?

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