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Friday recipe: Asparagus quiche

Quiches are very simple and easy to do. Always presentable, delicious and great for any occasion. I do a lot of quiches, i find it to be the easiest dish for me , and everyone loves it! I always invent new recipes, change the filling, be more creative with what i have in the fridge. And it always works!

Like Asparagus? Today i’m sharing a quiche recipe from my Mediterranean aunt.

AsparagusAsparagus quiche:

One partially cooked pastry case, homemade or bought: for pastry:

-1 1/2 cups all purpose flour, 1/2 cup butter in small pieces, 1 tsp white vinegar, a pinch of salt, 1 egg, about 1/4 cup of very cold water. Make pastry and chill for 30 mn.

Roll out and fit in a 9 in oven plate. Prick with a fork and bake at 350 degr. for 15 mn or till it is no more raw.


3 eggs beaten, 1/2 cup cheddar cheese shredded, 1 cup cream, 3 tbs freshly grated parmesan, 1/2 tsp allspice, 1/2 tsp nutmeg, salt and pepper to taste, and if you like , 3-4 slices of bacon cooked and chopped. 1 1/2 cups blanched asparagus chopped, 2 tsp fresh chopped basil.

Place cheeses in bottom of pastry case, add cream to beaten eggs, add the bacon if used, and the other ingredients, Pour over cheeses. Bake in a 375 deg oven for 25-30 mn or till golden.


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Monday questions

Desktop97Hello again and welcome to another day of questions. Come on people, don’t be shy, join the fun and answer these questions!

Today’s question is about something we all go through, and i think often enough! What do you cook when you are pressed for time, and still  want to have a healthy meal?

I for one, always have tuna in my pantry, i never run out! I just do a huge salad with tuna, tomatoes, grilled eggplants and zucchini, some pesto sauce i have in the fridge, sometimes i even add 2 spoons of leftover rice or pasta and voila , it’s done!

Now it’s your turn to share…


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Question day!

On this day, i will be the one asking the questions! The reason for this is very simple. I want to get to know you better (my readers), be of some help if possible, and most importantly,  build a community where all of us can help and give some advice to each other. You can all participate, answer each other, and more over help each other.

I have learned a lot from reading blogs for the last few years, and i know for a fact that some have helped me be where i am now. I hope that together, each of us will have answers to his/her problem!


And today’s question is about your beauty. Which product in your beauty drawer you can’t live without, and why?

I will begin with my answer: i have 2 items actually, chapstick and concealer! I always have a tube of chapstick in my handbag, can’t live without it. And concealer, well because i’m not 20 anymore! These are the two products i replace religiously..

Now on to your answers!

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Mediterranean zucchini recipe

It’s friday, and as i promised, fridays are recipe day! Today i am going to share a delicious zucchini recipe from my Mediterranean aunt, which i hope you will like!


When i first arrived to Canada, i was surprised to find only “jumbo” zucchinis in the supermarket! I was used to the small ones and didn’t know what to do with those giant ones or how to cook them! But then i found out that at the farmer’s market you could find anything you’re looking for.

As you know, zucchinis are a delicious vegetable to enjoy all year long. They are incredibly low in calories, rich in protein, fiber, folate, potassium, beta carotene and vitamin C.

All these nutrients make zucchini a perfect food for a healthy diet.

Zucchini ricotta rolls:

-2 medium size zicchini, 2 tbs olive oil, 1 onion finely chopped, 2 cups tomato sauce, 1 tbs chopped origano, 1 1/2 cups ricotta cheese, 3 tbs parmesan cheese, 2 green onions finely chopped, 1 clove garlic chopped, 2 tbs chopped basil leaves, salt and pepper.

-Cut unpeeled zucchini in 1/4 in. slices, brush with some of the oil and arrange on an oiled baking sheet, sprinkle with salt and pepper. broil for 3-4 minutes on each side till golden.

-In a bowl, combine drained ricotta, parmesan, onion, garlic and herbs. Spread 1-1/2 tbs at one end of each slice, smooth with a spatula and roll.

-Stack the rolls in a buttered baking dish with some of the tomato sauce in the bottom. Spoon remaining sauce over rolls, and drizzle remaining oil.

Cover and bake at 350 degrees, 30-35 minutes. Enjoy!

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8 reasons for sprinkling parsley everywhere!

Parsley is a Mediterranean herb i use in almost every dish, sprinkled, to add some color, and to reap its benefits!

Parsley has been grown for more than 2000 years and has been used for its curative properties way before it was used as a spice in the kitchen.


1-Parsley is rich in vitamins C, B12, K and A. It keeps the immune system strong, tones your bones and heals the nervous system.

2-Eating parsley daily helps in reducing blood pressure.

3-Parsley has anti-inflammatory properties.

4-Chlorophyll found in parsley is a good cure to avoid and stop bad breath for a long time.

5-Parsley flushes out excess fluid from the body.

6-Scientists have dubbed this herb a “chemoprotective food”. It may have a role in inhibiting cancerous tumors.

7-The folic acid found in parsley acts like a tonic for the heart.

8-Parsley is helpful in treating hormonal problems like premenstrual syndrome, menopause and delayed menstrual cycle. This herb is also known to be helpful in easing cramps during menstrual cycle.

Did you know that parsley tea relaxes stiff muscles and encourages digestion!

So begin today, chop some parsley and sprinkle it over your meal!

For a recipe of parsley pesto, click here.

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Have a glass of wine, it’s good for you!

My love affair with wine began at an early age; when i was 8 years old, i went to Italy with my mom to visit family and we stayed with her grandmother, who was still riding her bicycle at age 92! (full of spirit and spunk too!). My biggest surprise was finding only wine in the fridge, no water in sight! I asked my mom if this was normal, and her answer was:”we’re in Italy sweety, they drink wine more than water”…Hmm!

My bisnonna (great grand mother) used to give me a glass of white wine at each meal, mixed with water and a little sugar. I was in heaven!


As you know, wine is included in the Mediterranean diet, with moderation of course, a glass or two with meals.

Red wine has long been thought of as heart-healthy. It is rich in antioxidants, flavonoids and resveratrol, which have heart-healthy benefits.

-Promotes longevity.

-Reduces heart attacks.

-Lowers risk of heart disease.

-Cuts risk of cataracts.

-Cuts risk of colon cancer.

-Slows brain decline.

If you don’t drink, don’t start now just because it’s good for your health! You can get all the benefits from other sources, alcohol free!

And of course drinking too much increases your risk of high blood pressure, liver damage, obesity and other problems…


For wine lovers this is a nice chart to find your way from sweet to dry.



*images via pinterest

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10 changes to make to follow the Mediterranean diet

Living alone, as a couple or as a family, you should always eat healthy. Nothing in the world compares to health, agreed?

Well, to do that, some of you will change your eating habits, add more nutrients to your diet, delete completely some foods you used to eat (yes, delete!), change the way you cook and buy groceries.

As i said in an older post, i grew up on the Mediterranean diet, and living here in Canada hasn’t changed my way of eating at all! You can do it wherever you are. If you want to follow the Mediterranean diet, which is very easy to apply, you should follow these 10 simple steps below.


1-Plenty of olive oil as as the main source of added fat.

2-Plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. They should be included in every meal.

3-Plenty of legumes and nuts. They keep your heart healthy and fill up your stomach.

4-Plenty of fish and seafood with omega 3.

5-Moderate amounts of dairy products, mainly yogurt and cheese .

6-Eggs and lean meat consumed occasionally.

7-Sweets and cakes consumed also only occasionally.

8-Plenty of water as the main daily beverage.

9-Daily glass or two of wine with meals.

10-Physical activity everyday. This is as important as eating well.

As you can see, this diet isn’t as strict as many others. The Mediterranean diet allows you to enjoy all kinds of food (of course with moderation), and improves both mental and physical health as well as the quality of life.

Are you ready for the change? What would be your first diet change?

*image:california walnut commission via PR newswire.


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What do you do about junk food?

I was just talking to my 16 year old daughter , and she was telling me that when she will have kids , she will only feed them healthy food.

Coming from a 16 year old , that surprised me. I mean , who at 16 thinks about health?! (and about having children for that matter!!!). Her reasoning was that they would never be obese, and will always have a good body. Ok, i understand teens having issues with their weight, specially at their age , where appearances are SO important!


Do you think that if kids are brought up with a healthy diet, they wouldn’t fall for the doughnut attraction? We sure can control what they eat when they are little, but when they reach a certain age, will they go by the rule or reach for the other side?

Having four kids obliges you to cook, i had to feed them and healthy at that too! And i had to be creative, kids can be very difficult with food, that’s why I always tried to do something new. I wanted them to get their taste buds used to different tastes and textures, even if they didn’t like it at the time (the rule was, eat what’s in your plate because there is nothing else!).

Now that they are older, they eat everything (except one daughter who has a problem with carrots! Maybe I fed her too much carrots when she was a kid?!).

I know that most moms work and can’t have the luxury of doing something new and complicated every day, that’s why cooking Mediterranean has its advantages; it’s easy, fast, healthy, and you can find the ingredients in your fridge.

Try getting your kids used to healthy food and snacks, I know ice cream tastes better than frozen yogurt (I do eat ice cream, I convince myself it’s less fattening than a piece of cake!), but if for each 4 frozen yogurt they get an ice cream, you have done a great job! If they eat healthy at home, eating junk once a week with their friends is OK. The harm is less, knowing that the next day is going to be a healthy one!

Kids at a young age are very flexible, they get used to what their parents feed them. Starting at a young age, obesity risks decrease, illnesses, hyper-activeness decreases, visits to the dentist decrease, and the list goes on!

How do you deal with your kids and junk food?

*image via pinterest

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Penelope Cruz follows the mediterranean diet!

Even celebrities follow the mediterranean diet!



Penelope Cruz, of Spanish origins, is the embodiment of the mediterranean woman; dark hair, dark eyes, and a sensuous body. Asked about how she keeps her body in shape, even after her pregnancy, her answer was: by following the mediterranean diet of course!

Loaded with nuts, fish, fruits, olive oil and vegetables, the mediterranean diet improves both mental and physical health.

*Fruits and veggies pack lots of nutrients and should be included in every meal.

*Whole grains are rich in fiber, protein, vitamin and healthy fats. They help lower your blood pressure.

*Nuts, legumes and seeds keep your heart healthy and fill you up.

*Fish and seafood have less calories than red meat, and they’re a source of omega 3.

*Eggs and lean meat are sources of animal protein.

*Olive oil contains disease-fighting antioxidants and heart-healthy monounsaturated fats. Extra virgin oil is best.

*Wine in moderation.

This diet is not as strict as others; sure you have to exercise to stay healthy, but the mediterranean diet also allows you to enjoy sweets and desserts in small amounts.

Let’s not forget that the mediterranean diet is more of a lifestyle, it also means taking the time to savor your meal.

Ready to commit?

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OliveLifestyle on Facebook!

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Finally we are on Facebook, so come on and join us for daily tips, inspirations, and much more! All about mediterranean lifestyle, sharing with you what worked for me and hopefully will work for you!

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