Detox time!

Finally back home! I’m not saying i didn’t enjoy my time abroad, but after a while we all want our own bed and our own food!

I had an amazing culinary experience in the south of France..Make that multi amazing culinary experiences! I admit i went over the top with food and wine, but hey, how many times am i going to experience that?!

Amazing raviolini and creme sauce with floer decorations!

Amazing raviolini and creme sauce with flower decorations!

The best cheese cake ever!

The best cheese cake ever!


Even coffee comes with a side dish of sweets! It's called cafe gourmand mmm

Even coffee comes with a side dish of sweets! It’s called “Cafe Gourmand” mmm

These are just a fraction of what i ate!! Yes, i love food, and i enjoy it. So i enjoyed it 🙂 I didn’t even go on the scale to see the damage done, because i have no regrets!

But now it’s time for detox! And by detox i don’t mean a week of juice cleanse (i just can’t do it!). By detox i mean eating all the foods my body is used to normally; plenty of vegetables and fruits, breakfast of yogurt and berries, snacks of nuts and fruits. No pasta, meat or creamy food. Just simple wholesome meals that will bring my insides to what they were!

My whole diet is very simple and easy. It’s ok to indulge like i did, but it’s always a pleasure to come back to my normal discipline. Because the Mediterranean diet is not strict, and is full of options! When you get used to it you will see how easy it is to adjust what you eat to your way of life.

A trip to the grocery store filled up my fridge with what i’m used to (see here ), and i’m excited to start cooking again!

Today we will have a simple lentil salad (recipe ), with some grilled zucchini with pesto sauce…Heaven!

What do you do when you over eat on a trip?


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