Family dinners = Happiness

The Mediterranean life style isn’t all about the diet. It’s a way of life; living on the Mediterranean for so long, you take everything for granted. The food, the sun, the relaxed attitude, family and health.

The things I miss the most are my family and the sun. I didn’t need vitamin D supplements that’s for sure! As for family, they are the core of your being. And that’s part of what the mediterranean lifestyle is all about. Enjoying your time with loved ones, having never ending meals together , free therapy (that’s what family does for you!)…

This is why I always stress on having meals with your loved ones, be it your spouse, your kids, or your extended family. Being in a relaxed and happy atmosphere can help decrease the risk of  depression and other diseases, and make for a healthier and happier family.


The simple act of gathering your family around the table may make more of a difference than you ever thought.

-Studies have shown that teens who eat with their family have lower rates of depression.

-Frequent family meals are associated with a lower risk of smoking, drinking and using drugs.

-Family dinners helps keep family members updated on each others lives, and creates stronger bonds.

-Family dinners help lower obesity rates and eating disorders in kids and teens.

-When kids eat at home with their family, they eat healthier, therefore there is less room for bad habits to form.

Make time. I know it’s not easy when you are struggling with scheduals, PTA, work, laundry! But try it at least once and see the difference in everyone in your family. Stress on having at least one meal a day all together, where each member can talk freely and share his latest news. Let your mind relax for a while , enjoy the moment and enjoy your family.

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