Figs are one of the fruits we enjoy a lot around the Mediterranean. And of course we eat it in season. Figs have two seasons; a short season in early summer, and a second one that starts late in summer and runs through fall.

I love figs, and wait for them every year! I love them in salads, with nuts, cheese or even cured meat like pancetta, ham or bacon.

p-fig1_1482202cFigs, like other fruits , have a lot of benefits:

-Figs are rich in potassium and minerals that can help control hypertension.

-Figs are full of dietary fibers. A high fiber diet helps to slow down digestion and cuts your hunger.

-Research indicates that regular consumption of figs helps in reducing the chance of post-menopausal cancer by 34%.

-Figs have anti diabetic properties to help you lower your blood sugar level.

-Daily use of figs can lower triglyceride levels within the blood (triglycerides are the main type of fats that go around in the blood).

And here is a simple way of enjoying them differently: Fig crostini:

-Finely chop figs and toss with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and salt to taste.

Let the figs sit while you cut baguette slices and toast them.

Top the toasts with the fig mixture, add some fresh ground pepper. You can spread a bit of fresh goat cheese to the toasts first if you like.

These are great for a light lunch or a snack!

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