Friday recipe: Gnocchi with blue cheese

I have never been known to resist a pasta dish or a gnocchi dish, so when a friend of ours invited us for supper a couple of days ago suggesting gnocchi on the menu, i was more than happy!

Gnocchi (NYO-Kee) are various thick dumplings that may be made from semolina, ordinary wheat flour, flour and eggs, potato and flour, breadcrumbs, or similar ingredients (that’s the Wikipedia definition, the ones i usually have are made from potatoes).

gnocchi-pasta-foodIn Italy they are usually eaten as a first course. They are generally home-made, but you can easily find them in speciality stores.

So to get back to our host, he is Italian by the way, and he told me that he loved easy recipes! Well my kind of guy!! The dish was extremely easy, delicious and perfect as a main course!

Gnocchi with blue cheese:

1 pack of gnocchi, 2 tomatoes cut in cubes, 1/2 cup of blue cheese (no salt because of the blue cheese), 1 spoon of butter.

-Melt the butter in a saucepan, add the blue cheese and mix till you have a creamy mixture.

-Cook the gnocchi; when the gnocchi float to the top of the boiling water, they’re done.

-Add the blue cheese sauce to the gnocchi, add the tomatoes and serve. You can add some basil leaves if you like.

Believe me when i tell you , DELICIOUS!! Thank you Alessandro for a perfect dish!

PS: remember, this is a heavy dish, don’t go making it everyday! If you find it too heavy as a main course, have it as an entree, in a small portion.

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