Is perfection healthy?

I read an article not long time ago about a young woman who stopped trying to be perfect and overcame her eating disorder. Why do women always have this problem? The perfect syndrome I call it. Why do we always seek perfection? Why can’t we just be satisfied with who we are, how we look like, and lead a happy unstressed life?

What is perfect in society’s eyes anyway? To be slim to the point of sickness or to be healthy? Do we reach perfection when we are a size 2? Who decides that?



You do. Yes you, the beautiful, smiling woman in front of the mirror. Not your scale, not your neighbor, not your classmates, YOU. You are the one who decides that you are a perfectly perfect person in all your glory. No one else has the right to decide that for you.

Little girls, as young as 9,10 years old, are beginning to diet! They find their legs are too fat, their stomach is not flat enough….Here comes the parents responsibility to educate their children about eating disorders, anorexia, bulimia..Your responsibility towards your children is to make them love their body, teach them how to eat healthy, teach them how to respond to the bullying towards their body image, teach them to accept themselves and revel in their own beauty.



I have 2 daughters; aged 20 and 16. They are not skinny, they are not obese. They are not tall, they are not short. I find them perfect. And since they were little girls I used to tell them over and over how beautiful they are, no matter their weight, or their length. My eldest has a big birthmark on her side. I told her she was special.

In my own little way I helped in building their self-esteem. They are now normal young girls enjoying their life without the pressure of being “perfect”.

How do you deal with young girls trying to be perfectly perfect?

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