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Desktop97Hello again to another week and another question!

Today is all about health, and how you go about being or trying to be healthy. As you well know the Mediterranean diet is not new to me, i have been brought up by it. But of course, we always get tempted by fries, ice cream, sodas or other unhealthy foods…To tell you the honest truth i never turned down an ice cream in my life! And if i could eat two , one after the other i wouldn’t say no!

Why do i want healthy food for myself and my family? Because i want to avoid as much as i can illnesses, diseases, i want to live longer and not to arrive at a certain age where i have to rely on someone to eat or go to the bathroom!

I want my kids to live without fear of obesity and everything that comes with it.

But at the same time i want to enjoy life, and i want my kids to enjoy what life offers us. So i found a balance; most of our days are filled with healthy, natural good food, some exercise, and of course fun! We have the occasional “junk” day, knowing very well that the next day is going to be a healthy one..It worked for me until now, and hopefully will always work. That’s my Mediterranean diet!

What about you? How do you go about trying to be healthy?

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  1. Emmaline Barnett June 17, 2013 at 7:14 pm #

    I follow Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type
    Corn is on my avoid list…I did enjoy eating the popcorn at the movie last week
    I eat organic fruits & vegetables
    I do not eat GMO…Eden Foods have organic safe cans
    I use extra Virgin…first cold pressed..olive oil
    I drink filtered water…no tap water
    I use glass wide mouth canning jars for storage & drinking
    I only eat sprouted wheat
    Our shower heads filter out fluoride…chloride…bacteria
    My youngest daughter eats healthy…I made signs & supported her Ban GMO Kellog’s in the USA protest. She was shocked that a high percentage are oblivious…we handed out many information packets. She also supported the thousands that marched the Las Vegas Strip in their red shirts.
    Eating healthy is a journey…& everyone makes their own choices. The Mediterranean way of eating is very good.
    Thank you

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