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Monday question


Many readers have asked on different occasions about weight loss and age. How much weight should we loose after 4o? Can we aim to be model thin or just being normal thin (as in healthy weight)?

When i was in my mid 30’s i was very skinny, mostly due to unhappiness and depression. I thought i looked good. My mother used to tell me i looked like an ironing board! Go figure! I didn’t starve myself or go on diets. Food just wasn’t important to me back then.

Now, almost 10 years later, i’m at a healthy weight, i look younger, and feel great!

What i want to say is that at a certain age our skin isn’t as elastic as it was in our 20’s. We can’t afford to loose much weight; our face will look older, the skin will sag quicker, and the glow of health won’t show..

So in my opinion, a healthy weight is the best. Follow a healthy diet, exercise regularly….and be happy! That’s my recipe!

What is yours?

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Sunday quote


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