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Small kitchens

I always loved to have a huge kitchen, with an island, stools, two sinks, lots and lots of cabinets…right? Well i haven’t been so lucky yet, maybe one day!

I have had a medium kitchen, then a tiny kitchen that i loved, all gray and industrial looking, and here in Montreal i have an average kitchen that my husband and i repainted in dark gray a couple of years ago, accented with chrome appliances and open shelves.

I truly believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home, where secrets are whispered, dramas unfold, laughter and celebration happen. And i realized that the size of the room doesn’t matter. Big or small, it’s still the heart of your home.

I have cooked more in my tiny kitchen than in all the other ones! Women are very resourceful, we make amazing things in any kitchen, agree?

Here are some examples of small sized kitchen that you will love!


Color is always good. A bright color can add zest to any space!


Lower cabinets in dark gray and open shelving in white gives the impression of a wider space..


A tiny space, lovely floors, and cabinets from top to bottom..


An all white kitchen accentuated with splashes of colors, and a wallpapered backsplash..

What is your kitchen like?

*images via blog.fabfurnish,pinterest, ikea, apartmenttherapy


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Protect your skin!

We are at the beginning of May, the beginning of spring. Being here, on the Mediterranean, looking at the sea, feeling the hot sun on my face (it’s 30 degrees C!), i wonder how people will survive the summer heat…


Didn’t we all at one point or another just lay down in the sun this way?

Living on the Mediterranean for almost 35 years, i indulged (a bit too much) in sun basking from morning till the sun went down. I used to sit in the sun , without protection, just enjoying being baked and happy with my lobster face!


After reaching 30 i finally listened to my mom and began putting sunscreen on my face. Now even my day cream has 30 SPF, even though most of the time there is no sun. Is it too late? I don’t know, but at least i began protecting my skin!

-Do you know that even at low-level exposures, UVA light breaks down collagen, which causes wrinkles?

-What is sunscreen? Sunscreen is a pharmaceutical product designed to protect skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation.

-When worn daily, sunscreens help shield important protein like collagen, elastin and keratin, which keep skin firm and smooth.

-Sunscreen lotions may be quite effective in preventing all kinds of skin cancer, as well as melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer.

When i was younger, i always thought that wearing sunscreen would prevent me from having any color, but even with an SPF as high as 50 i usually end up quite tanned.

So to all women out there, want a beautiful skin for longer. want to protect your skin from sun damages? Wear sunscreen today!

*images via pinterest

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How to enjoy candles in your home

Hello beautiful Ladies, first off a huge thank you to all of you for following my blog and my Facebook page!


The best feeling for a blogger is to be read, and i love feedback from you!

Today i will be sharing something quite different than health and beauty, but i think you will like it because we are all women and we love our home.

My passion for interiors is how i began blogging in the first place, and i will be posting from time to time some tips on how to enjoy your surroundings and make your home a more beautiful place to be! Because home is where our day begins and ends, where joyful moments happen, where major crisis happen!

I love candles, i find their light soothing (it makes us look better!), magical, festive, and very spiritual in a way (my mother always lights a candle for my kids when they have exams!).

Group them together for more impact

Group them together for more impact

use them in mason jars with water

Use them in mason jars with water

You can even add flowers to the mix!

You can even add flowers to the mix!

Put tea lights in a bowl of coffee beans, the warmth of the candles will heat up the beans and make your house smell like vanilla coffee!

Put tea lights in a bowl of coffee beans, the warmth of the candles will heat up the beans and make your house smell like vanilla coffee!


And you can always use the candle glass for other things!

And you can always use the candle glass for other things!

I always light up candles at home, even if i’m all by myself. It relaxes me…What about you?

*images via,pinterest,frenchbydesign,beautifulweddings,projectwedding


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Family dinners = Happiness

The Mediterranean life style isn’t all about the diet. It’s a way of life; living on the Mediterranean for so long, you take everything for granted. The food, the sun, the relaxed attitude, family and health.

The things I miss the most are my family and the sun. I didn’t need vitamin D supplements that’s for sure! As for family, they are the core of your being. And that’s part of what the mediterranean lifestyle is all about. Enjoying your time with loved ones, having never ending meals together , free therapy (that’s what family does for you!)…

This is why I always stress on having meals with your loved ones, be it your spouse, your kids, or your extended family. Being in a relaxed and happy atmosphere can help decrease the risk of  depression and other diseases, and make for a healthier and happier family.


The simple act of gathering your family around the table may make more of a difference than you ever thought.

-Studies have shown that teens who eat with their family have lower rates of depression.

-Frequent family meals are associated with a lower risk of smoking, drinking and using drugs.

-Family dinners helps keep family members updated on each others lives, and creates stronger bonds.

-Family dinners help lower obesity rates and eating disorders in kids and teens.

-When kids eat at home with their family, they eat healthier, therefore there is less room for bad habits to form.

Make time. I know it’s not easy when you are struggling with scheduals, PTA, work, laundry! But try it at least once and see the difference in everyone in your family. Stress on having at least one meal a day all together, where each member can talk freely and share his latest news. Let your mind relax for a while , enjoy the moment and enjoy your family.

*image via pinterest

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OliveLifestyle on Facebook!

Picture 5

Finally we are on Facebook, so come on and join us for daily tips, inspirations, and much more! All about mediterranean lifestyle, sharing with you what worked for me and hopefully will work for you!


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14 Healthy choices

It’s never too late to take the big leap! Start today.

Baby steps, that’s all it takes to start taking healthier decisions. That means making healthier choices in your everyday life.

Start Small, make healthy choices every day!


1-Cooking instead of going out: healthier and cheaper on the wallet!

2-Pan frying instead of deep frying: definitely a healthier choice.

3-Greek yogurt instead of sour cream: more protein and less fat.

4-Olive oil instead of butter.

5-Local produce instead of supermarket veggies: more nutritious.

6-Air popped popcorn instead of chips: less calories.

7-Sparkling water instead of Soda.

8-Mustard instead of mayo: fat free.

9-Medium plate instead of a large one: less quantity.

10-Grocery shopping when full instead of doing it when hungry!

11-Chewing slowly instead of speed eating: people who eat faster consume more calories.

12-Whole fruit instead of fruit juice: benefit from the full fiber content.

13-Take the stairs instead of the elevator: move your legs!

14-Apple sauce instead of sugar for baking.

See how easy those choices are? Don’t forget, baby steps!

*image via pinterest

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You time



Living with kids is a stressful challenge, living with 4 is, well a nut house! In a good way!

Looking back at the years, i wonder how they didn’t drive me crazy! The key to staying calm in my experience, is just to ignore the little things and focus on the important stuff. I know, staying calm in the midst of a tantrum, a teenage girl with raging hormones, house work , and everything in between is not easy.

So why don’t you shut yourself in a bubble for 10 minutes?

I found this picture a couple of years ago in a magazine, i think it was an ad for coffee, and it made me smile because this is what i used to do when the kids were little and i couldn’t handle it anymore!

I would have my coffee, close my eyes, my ears, and just shut off the world for 10 minutes. They would be screaming, fighting,calling me, breaking something, while i was there sipping my coffee calmly as if nothing was happening around me, as if they weren’t killing each other in the next room and breaking the house down!

This bubble you put yourself into has the power to give you extra energy, recuperate, and get back to the craziness! Not only does this bubble calm you down, it centers you and makes you focus on one thing only. You. Kind of like yoga if you want (a 10 mn meditation!). Whatever is happening won’t touch you, just enjoy your moment of peace and savor each minute..

So steal yourself away in the midst of chaos, take a deep breath, and then get back into the jungle!

Do you have a “you” moment? Please share!

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15 unusual uses for olive oil!



As you well may know, olive oil is a staple in the mediterranean diet; use it instead of butter and other fats.

I only cook with olive oil, except for deep frying (but i never deep fry, so!). Its uses are very versatile, not only contained to cooking:

1-Easy clean up for garden tools

2-Diaper rash treatment

3-Furniture polish

4-Hair tonic

5-Skin moisturizer

6-Free a stuck zipper

7-Sticker remover

8-Ear ache relief

9-Shoe polish

10-Smooth shave

11-Stainless steel shine

12-Eye make up remover

13-DIY lip balm

14-Lamp fuel

15-Nail and cuticle care

I have used it in about five of these uses. How about you?



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Depression: how to get out of it

How many of you have gone to the doctor with symptoms you couldn’t even explain, only to be told that it was depression? From palpitations, to difficulty in breathing, to migraines, to mood swings, to sleeping all day…to name a few!

And what did they give you? Anti anxiety tablets, anti depressive tablets, sleeping pills, mood stabilizing tablets and so on.


I was diagnosed with depression 10 years ago. We didn’t have at the time support groups or counseling. Family was the only support there was.

I was prescribed a medication that I took for 3 years; I couldn’t cry anymore. The person I was disappeared. It was terrible.

So I stopped them without asking anyone, I just stopped and tried alternative ways to heal myself. I discovered I wasted 3 years of my life “not being there”.

Now that I think about it, I realize that the cure is always within our reach, because it’s inside us. I am not a guru or a spiritual healer, I just read a lot of self help books, worked on my meditation ( from a book!) , walked a lot and worked on myself to truly believe that “this too shall pass”.

And it passed, it took a lot of time but it passed. Being happy is a state of mind we choose to have. No matter what the reasons are, we weren’t put on this earth to be miserable and depressed. We have to find ourselves the key to unlock our door and receive the positive vibes that are around us.

A few of the things that helped me:

Walking: It is the best sport for depression, even the doctor agreed! Just free your mind and concentrate on walking the distance.

-Find a mantra that works for you. Repeat it, a thousand times a day if needed. You will believe it eventually.

-Read a lot of self help books. They help.

-Try meditation, or regulating your breathing. They help to calm your heart rate.

-When you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t breathe, sit down and copy recipes, as many as it takes. Concentrate only on what you are writing. It will take your mind off your situation. (My spiritual healer gave me this tip, and I’ve tried it many times)…It works.

-Be around happy people. They will lift you up.

-Stop binging on comfort food, or alcohol. Eat healthy, vitamins help in reducing depression. (B complex vitamins work directly with the nervous system, and factor highly in mental health and emotional well being).

-Always be grateful for what you have, the other side of the fence isn’t always greener. There is worst.

Again, i stress that to reach this point of truly understanding and managing your depression takes a lot of time and work (work on yourself, work on your mood, work on appreciating what life can offer you ). Perseverance and wanting to get out of the hole you’re in is key. Think only about yourself. Because if you’re not in a good place , you will lose  your children, husband, wife, whoever is the closest to you.


This is what I did. I would love to hear about your experiences too.


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1 step to looking younger!

Mediterranean lifestyle is all about the food we eat, the physical activity, reducing stress , slowing down and of course having fun!

Having fun and laughing is the number one element to a younger and healthier life. I know from myself, when I am sad or tired my husband tells me I look 10 years older, when I’m having fun or laughing it’s the total opposite. Why is that?

having fun with my daughters!

having fun with my daughters!


Laughter decreases stress chemical levels and increases white blood cells that play a key role in immunity. As a result laughter stimulates the immune system and ultimately makes you healthier.

When you laugh your blood supply increases causing a rosy glow to the skin, making it appear more youthful.

Laughter also releases the feel-good chemical, endorphin, and it acts as a pain reliever.

A study showed that people with heart disease were 40 per cent less likely to laugh compared to people of the same age without heart disease.


Laughter increases the heart rate, improves circulation and works muscles all over the body!

What are you waiting for, go on, have a good laugh several times a day, and remember all the good that comes with it.



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