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Monday question


Many readers have asked on different occasions about weight loss and age. How much weight should we loose after 4o? Can we aim to be model thin or just being normal thin (as in healthy weight)?

When i was in my mid 30’s i was very skinny, mostly due to unhappiness and depression. I thought i looked good. My mother used to tell me i looked like an ironing board! Go figure! I didn’t starve myself or go on diets. Food just wasn’t important to me back then.

Now, almost 10 years later, i’m at a healthy weight, i look younger, and feel great!

What i want to say is that at a certain age our skin isn’t as elastic as it was in our 20’s. We can’t afford to loose much weight; our face will look older, the skin will sag quicker, and the glow of health won’t show..

So in my opinion, a healthy weight is the best. Follow a healthy diet, exercise regularly….and be happy! That’s my recipe!

What is yours?

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Monday question

Desktop97I received a lot of emails asking if it is easy to start eating differently, more healthy. If it doesn’t become boring and bland after a while. I personally love to eat good food, and find that there is no reason that healthy has to equal bland and boring!

Vegetables, fish, legumes and fruits are all delicious and nutritious at the same time; add spices and herbs to the mix, don’t be afraid to try new recipes, and don’t give up if you feel stuck. The web is full of recipes from the easiest to the most difficult, you will always find something! I find it easy to cook healthy, and always enter my kitchen as if entering a lab! I always end up inventing something new!

What would you answer these ladies, is it easy for you to eat healthy? And how do you go about it?


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Monday question

Desktop97Today’s question is for all of you who eat a lot of meat. (By a lot i mean more than 4 times a week). Do you have it because it’s easier and quicker to cook, because you like it? And do you think you can reduce your amount by say, half?

I used to be a meat eater, then i stopped for a few years, then back again (you can read about it here ), and now i barely eat it, it is not a major food for me anymore. If you have a look at the Mediterranean food pyramid you will notice that meat is eaten in very small quantities, while veggies, fruits and legumes are the main food source.

Will you be able to make a change in your diet that is so radical?


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Monday question

Desktop97Hello again to another Monday and another question!

First off i want to begin by wishing all Canadians a Happy Canada day! I love your country and its people!

My question for today is about curing yourself. When you feel tired or sick, do you go straight to the doctor or try curing yourself with natural remedies?

Coming from a house where my mother used to put slices of potatoes on our forehead to diminish the fever, i am all for curing myself! I research, call my mom, and ask around for natural cures. If i don’t get the desired effect, then i resort to doctors. Why? Because i hate taking medication, and though i find that the natural way is a bit slower than medicine, it doesn’t have any side effects.

What about you?

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