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Monday question


As many of you are on vacation or were on vacation, the most asked question is: “How can we stay healthy when we’re on vacation?”

Well to tell you the honest truth , i have been on vacation for 3 weeks and i lost 1,5 kg!! How, i don’t really know, i’m eating the same kind of food, the same quantities. The only thing that changed is that here the main meal is at 2h pm rather than 5h pm, and i move more than usual.

What most people do on vacation normally, is that they take a vacation from their normal diet, and that’s why they gain weight. It’s ok if you don’t do your yoga or Pilates for a few weeks, the important thing is sticking to your diet. Healthy food, no junk. I am all for trying new dishes, but always ask what it is made of, even if you feel the waiter is going to hit you with his tray! And if you feel you over did it one day, take it easy the next. Don’t stress about it while you’re enjoying yourself, once you’re back to your routine, everything will fall into place. Enjoy your vacation, try all the desserts you want, walk more, and you will be just fine!

So people, what do you do on vacation to stay healthy and fit?

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Mediterranean dream

Today we are going to dream. Why dream alone when we can share the dream, right? Who doesn’t dream of going to the south of France, sweet smelling Provence, beautiful Italy, or the breathtaking views of Greece? Let’s take the magical Mediterranean tour, and maybe, just maybe it will encourage you to take the leap and actually go there!

The beaitiful Amalfi coast in Italy

The beautiful Amalfi coast in Italy

Another Amalfi breathtaking view

Another Amalfi breathtaking view

The history of Turkey

The history of Turkey

Oh this is where supper is going to be! Provence.

Oh this is where supper is going to be! Provence.

The unforgetable smell of Provence...

The unforgettable smell of Provence…

That water....in Greece!

That water….in Greece!

This just screams vacation time!!!

This just screams vacation time!!!

Do you need more encouragement?! Where have you visited around the Mediterranean and what was your favorite place?

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